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Payment Methods

You can pay for your order with the following ways :

Cash on Delivery
This method is applied to the whole country of Greece. The payment is made to a representative of the courier company ( General Postal ) upon delivery of the products on your place .

Under the current tax legislation from  April 1st, 2011 , the vouchers worth over 3,000 euros  issued to individuals ( sales receipts ) will be redeemed only in the following ways :

Deposit / transfer to a bank account of the company
Fee debit or credit card

Bank deposit
If you do not have a credit card , or you are not able to be at the delivery address during the delivery hours , you can pay your order in a bank account . The bank accounts where you can deposit money is :


When depositing the amount, it is necessary to state the order number you will be given after the completion of the payment. Then send us a copy of the bank transfer payment in the accounting department by e-mail at : and as soon as receive  the copy , we will send your order directly .

If you use web banking you can deposit the amount and send us an e-mail to the deposit sheet.

Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards
The Viva Payments is a Greek online trading system in collaboration with the bank of Eurobank.  It offers the ability to pay your bills to our business using a credit or debit card through the banking system or online banking or by depositing at the bank  or even by phone .

It supports all major credit , debit and prepaid cards VISA and MasterCard independently of the issuing bank . It also supports all corporate credit or debit cards with the possibility of electronic transactions.
The payments are made through the secure environment of Viva Payments. The number of your credit card is directly entered to  the system of Viva Payments and no personal information is stored on our servers . There is guarantee transaction security cooperation with the Viva Payments and Eurobank.  Viva Payments service is licensed by the Bank of Greece .

During  the process you receive an email that contains a unique payment code, which will either be used directly for online payment by card or by one of the following ways :

Call : You can pay by phone, typing the same data of your card, to the certified and fully secured and automated telephone billing system of Viva  by simply calling 8001 3003 800  by just following  the instructions while you get  prompted from the system .

E-banking / Phone-banking: Using  only the code of the electronic payment You can pay through the services of phone banking and e-banking does not process or store or have access to payment data such as credit card numbers , expiration dates, names of beneficiary etc. For any doubt or question about charges on your credit / debit card users should be addressed directly to the bank that issued the card .

Paying and receiving  your order from our shop
After completing your order , you will be notified directly about your pick up time from our store . ( within 1-2 working days ) . The pickup in our store can be made ​​only on operation hours,  

You have the option to select whether the document that will be issued for your order will be sales receipt or invoice . Invoice are issued to companies and freelancers as soon as they  fill in their order the following information : Company name , TIN , Tax Office , D / Department Chair and profession for freelancers .

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