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There is a physiological loss of hair in which some hair lost daily due to the fact that the hair is recycled. Approximately 100,000 to 150,000 hairs found on the scalp. Normally 50 to 100 hairs daily fall as the hair has three phases of life: the anagen, the Catagen and telogen, where the hair is growing again and replaced.

But there is hair loss during which fall more than the normal number of hairs per day, and some do not reappear. The drop is not constant and shows seasonal variation. This hair loss is abnormal. Thus dilution generated in the head which various degrees depending on the size of the dilution, said Alopecia.

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The louse is a tiny wingless bug that feeds on human blood. The lice eat four times a day. They bite the skin of the scalp and inject their saliva. This causes irritation and itching. When removed from the human hair, and therefore of the blood, can not survive more than two to three days.

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The mouth besides participation in speech and digestion is at the forefront in the defense organismou.O oral mucosa that lines the inside of the first resistor find germs upon entering the human organismo.An for some reason normal mucosal structure disrupted following the occurrence of inflammation, as manifested through various symptoms depending on condition.

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The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. The thin layer of tears of the human eye is secreted by various glands surrounding the eye. It has mechanical and lubricating effect and protects the eye from harmful bacteria, allergens and other contaminants. This layer is updated every time you blink your eyes. Tears have functional activity ie. Eyesight is sharp and if the layer of tears showed no lesions.

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